by Solvent of Society

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It's worthy of a listen or two


released March 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Solvent of Society Victoria, British Columbia

Born of several established Victoria bands enters Solvent of Society. Formed around the idea that the people of earth are equal and the disregard for systems that oppress and degrade others. Solvent of Society delivers with meaningful lyrics regarding financial and political corruption, feeling lost in the world, and the struggles within youth. With the new year they are working on a new record. ... more

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Track Name: Glory
I'm done, I'm done, I'm done
I'm done with all these lies, these ties, I tried
To keep it in the Sun that's why I'm done
No time to wonder why

So bask in my glory
Once you hear my story
When I'm lost in the quarry
Don't you make me shout it again
I'll simply write it on the walls
While I'm screaming through the halls
Until I'm weak, until I crawl
You wont see me 'til god knows when

The kids they fight, they fight, they fight
'Till the other loses sight, what's wrong, what's right
They party through the night, until one dies
Then they all just start to cry

Track Name: Stuck on the Wall
You're not at home
You're not alone
Just thrown away
We're all just stones

No rest, no sleep
Or will to be
Seize everything for
I'm not free


But I'm yellow and happy
Yet this song is so sappy
Even though my life is crappy
Stuck on the wall

Could you read her mind
Did you see her face
Cause now she's gone
Without a trace

Never got played
Except today
I just need to go
Somewhere nice I say


I’m stuck on the wall
I’m not coming down
I’ve lost my place and
I’ve lost my crown

She’s disappeared
Now, been gone for days
Just cast away
I’ve been replaced

Track Name: Flipside
Pray to be if I can
God only helps the drowning man
I sat deep inside my thoughts
At least I thought

Can’t seem to get a grip
Before I hit the flipside
So I hit the road
And I go inside

What do I see
Six strings and the world
I sat deep inside my thoughts
At least I thought

Track Name: While you were Away
Don’t watch me
I need this
Can’t stand straight
Sea sickness (X2)

Gone away
Gone away
Gone away, for more
Here to stay
Here to stay
Here to stay, no shore

Learned lessons
Not from you
Oh boy, you’re far from home
To be untrue (X2)


From house to house
Not home to home
You better listen to what I say
These were my thoughts
While you were away